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Avening is pleased to be part of Wintersleep’s tour celebrating their seventh Album  – In the Land of – to be released in March 2019.

The band is comprised of vocalist/guitarist Paul Murphy, drummer Loel Campbell, guitarist Tim D’eon, bassist Mike Bigelow, and keyboardist Jon Samuel. These JUNO Award-winners are also known for their work with other bands including  Holy Fuck, Hayden and Land of Talk.

Like all Wintersleep records, In the Land Of encourages thought and introspection. The new record’s title is an incomplete thought, a blank that is filled in a cross the record with different places, words, and sounds. “A lot of the songs touch on this idea of being a stranger or feeling foreign in all the different landscapes in which the songs took place lyrically,” explains Murphy. “It all relates back to the land,” adds guitarist Tim D’Eon.

Toronto’s Now Magazine says of Wintersleep “…there’s something lively and reassuring about their idiosyncratic contribution to pop-infused space rock. Some 15 years after forming, they continue to surprise listeners with each record.”

This night should be EPIC!

Doors open at 7. Show at 8 pm.

More info contact [email protected], 705-466-9906

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